SBML Layout - Library and Tools supporting the SBML Layout and Rendering Extension


This project holds the SBMLExtension library. A .NET library providing support for the SBML Layout and Render Extension. Additionally, JDesigner and CellDesigner annotations are also supported and can (mostly) be displayed.

Recently, we started to work on automatically assigning SBGN glyphs to SBML models annotated with SBO Terms. This is done through the help of the OntologyStorage Library, which is also part of this project. It provides a unified interface to a variety of controlled vocabularies like: SBO, ChEBI, KEGG, GO. This is done by using the EBI web services. Caching strategies are employed to ensure the application will work in offline scenarios as well.

Three rendering backends are available for the SBML Extension library, which enables files to be rendered using WPF, System.Drawing and qt4dotnet. Exporters using the library exist that produce PNG, BMP as well as PDF files. (SVG files are available through a stylesheet by Ralph Gauges).

SBML Layout Library - Portable Layout and Render Information

maintained by Frank Bergmann